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These oils don’t just smell nice they work

As a wife and a Mum of four very active boys I don’t just want essential oils that smell nice (this is a massive bonus) I want essential oils that work to support our whole body physically, emotionally and dare I say it at the risk of sounding woo woo, spiritually.

We have been using these essential oils since 2014 (back when Matthew was 8, Jack was 5 and Nick and Sean were 3) and there are countless instances where these oils have saved us. Our oils have saved us time, money, stress and heartache, not to mention the unnecessary use of over the counter meds.

So where do you start? Consider…

The Top 4  Essential Oil Starter Packs:

View all of the  Starter Pack options (click here).

If at any time you are unsure send me an email hellowellspot@gmail.com and I will get in contact with you to help you out.

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How do I purchase Essential Oils?

You have two options when purchasing your doTERRA essential oils:

OPTION 1: Retail

Order your oils retail.
Place a retail order.
Go HERE and click shop for retails orders. >>> OR <<<

OPTION 2: Wholesale

Order your oils wholesale.

When you open your wholesale account (included in the purchase of a starter kit) you will become a member of our oily community and you can:
– purchase your oils wholesale for the same price that I do:
– have access to the same generous free products that I do via our monthly wellness ordering program (LRP Loyalty Rewards) and this is totally flexible;
– receive access to  our essential oil training and have a free 1 on 1 wellness consult with moi; and
– you will have a community of people to support you in using your oils effectively, just like I do.

Follow these steps to open your wholesale account & purchase your essential oils…

Go THIS WEBSITE LINK  to purchase your starter kit and follow the steps below:

– Select ‘preferred language’ & ‘where your products will be shipped’ this will be the country you reside in.
– Select ‘Local OTG’ for your local warehouse or ‘NFR’ for an international order. Australian residence will select ‘Local OTG’
– Select How You Would Like to Purchase Products ‘Wholesale Customer’ is best to start.
– Fill in your details where you see the red asterisk.
– Leave ‘enroller ID’ and ‘sponsor ID’ as is (1143149 The Well Spot).
– Click ‘continue’.
– Select your enrolment kit (see top 4 kits above)
OR you can choose the $35 Wholesale account option and add the single oils you wish to start with. NOTE the kits are much better value when starting.
– I always recommend adding a bottle of ‘Fractionated Coconut Oil’ (FCO) for safety and to use your oils effectively.
– Click ‘view totals’.
– Check ‘billing box’.
– Fill in your payment details and click ‘process’. NEED HELP? If at any stage of this process you are unsure of how to proceed please email me at hellowellspot@gmail.com and I will contact you to give you a hand.

Congratulations and Welcome to our healthy, oily community. I will be in contact with your shortly to set up your wellness consultation. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email me at hellowellspot@gmail.com

A Monthly Wellness Box – Our Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP)

It is really important that you understand the value of doTERRA’s Loyalty Reward Program. It is easy to get excited and want to order everything from the beginning BUT hold up a second sister and lets be real…how many new oils can you get your head around using? For the majority of us it’s the Top 10 Essential Oils in the Home Essentials Kit and perhaps some household essentials found in the Nature’s Solution Kit.

So get to know and use your basic oils and products in your first month and take a a little time to understand how to order in the most intelligent way to restock and perhaps expand on your wellness kit (hint: it’s using our Loyalty Reward Program to your advantage. Break up your wish list into monthly orders and earn free product along the way!)

Learn more about setting up a monthly home & wellness box HERE.


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