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A Journey

Reducing Toxins, Real Food and Four boys.

Hi, I’m Margie and I grew up in an Italian home where so many foods were made from scratch. Sauces, salami, pasta, sweets and wine! Most of the time I was begrudgingly part of the process and now I can actually look back and be thankful for this experience. It was this grounding that allowed my journey from a toxic and processed lifestyle to transition in a way that innately made sense to me.

Through my early teenage years and adult life (when mum and dad had less to do with my lifestyle choices) I quite happily did as I was told by society. Bleaching the life out of anything that needed cleaning while recognising the fumes as a job well done, maintaining a busy lifestyle by choosing convenience foods which were often low fat/high sugar and highly processed, packaged products and reaching for over the counter medications and antibiotics whenever I was sick to keep ‘soldiering on’.

I met my husband Greg who happily followed my toxic laden, convenient lifestyle and soon after we had our first son, Matthew. This is when my ideas about detoxifying our lives began. I suddenly felt like I had no control over my growing family’s health, especially that of my baby boy. I started to read and search for alternative ways to take care of our health. This began with switching from supermarket conventional cleaning products to natural alternatives, I began relearning about nourishing my family with real foods the way our grand parents would have and looking for alternative ways of healing our bodies when we fell ill.

Nine years later, we now have four young boys Matthew 8, Jack 4 and Nick and Sean are 2, and my desire to provide my family with a clean, non toxic environment has multiplied, along with my family. Nicholas seemed to always have a lingering cold and had suffered asthmatic episodes. We found ourselves relying on his puffer more and more however, we weren’t satisfied with the merry go round of simply treating the symptoms for them to only come back.

I came across doTERRA essential oils when at a market on the Central Coast and felt that I was drawn immediately towards the oils. I purchased the ‘Breathe’ essential oil for Nicky hoping it would simply unblock his nose. We used the oils right away and then in the evening before bed, we rubbed the oil on Nicky’s chest, back and feet and he slept soundly that night, when he had been coughing for the last three nights. We continued to use it while he had the sniffles and found he no longer needed the puffer. I then quickly purchased a diffuser so that the oil could be dispersed in the air so that it could works its magic aromatically while the boys slept. We haven’t needed to use the puffer even once for Nicky since we started using doTERRA’s Breathe. So, of course we were hooked and now we use the doTERRA oils and supplements daily for both prevention, and wellness for our family.

This blog is where you’ll find me sharing some of the things that I have gradually learnt to make part of my family’s daily life as I motivate both myself (and hopefully you), on this wellness journey. This is about taking care of my family in a natural, even traditional kind of way using real foods and recipes and essential oils for prevention and to encourage good health. I don’t have all the answers and I’m definitely still learning so check back frequently or join my blog as I share my new discoveries. I hope you become inspired to join in on the journey. I would love to hear from you also if you have any ideas or questions, so please email me at info@vitalityoils.com.au.

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